Coffee to Tea: Why You Should Make the Switch

Do you love coffee? There are a lot of people out there who would die without coffee, figuratively speaking of course. Individuals will bite your head off, for talking to them before they’ve had their coffee.  

 Coffee to Tea

Despite all these more and more individual is taking the switch from coffee to tea. Teas are from leaves or flowers, either they are in dried leaves tempered naturally well by the production team to create a brew that is perfect for you, or crushed powder. Some example of teas is green tea, organic Moringa powder which you can put in juice if you like black tea, oolong tea and other types.  

So, in this article, you will learn the benefits of tea and why you should make the switch from coffee to tea.  

Teas will help your Bones  

There have been studies made that teas will, help protect your bones, even if you do not drink calcium supplement. It has been theorized by researchers that this may be due to the phytochemicals from the tea, that you can drink when you drink a cup or two of tea a day.  

Teas will Calm you but also Alert you  

Tea is a great drink to be energized in the slow time of day, it won’t leave that jittery feeling you get from coffee, but instead it will give you a relaxing feeling and help you focus on the long run. It is something that you can enjoy really without making you feel like you can jump around like a jack hammer.  

Teas have less caffeine 

Although caffeine has great side effects to you, drinking too much of item, can be detrimental to your organs. It isn’t exactly very great on your body organs. So, people are asked to drink coffee less and less. You can make the switch to tea slowly until you are used to the taste and feel of tea and you’ll be feeling better.  

Teas aids in Digestion 

Teas can help with your stomach job. It will give you a more stable and more normal stomach or digestion schedule. When your stomach is doing great then you are able to have a chance to make do your digestion and you are getting more nutrients from the food you eat just because it is something that the stomach is in good condition in.  

Teas helps protect your Teeth  

Teas have something in its composition that helps to make sure that plaque build-up is under control. Your teeth will thank you for that in the long run, as plaques are one of the reasons why teeth are damaged and you don’t want that to happen with you. Teeth are painful when they are damage so, it’s better to stay away from all the bad habit.  

Tea is something that you should try even if you are not going to make the switch. The thing is teas will probably taste really awful when you are used to drinking coffee. However, the taste of teas can grow on you.  

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