Making yourself cool and comfortable during the sunny days would be very hard to achieve for other people as they need to go out of the house tow work and at the same time, they don’t have a car to drive going to their work place. There are some people that they would feel this way because their working place is outside of the building or company. They have to work under the sun because they need to build a house or they have to be a jeepney driver and even a public bus driver and the bus doesn’t have any available air conditioner to make the place of the bus comfortable for the passengers and drivers. Due to the extreme hot weather climate some would even have illnesses like dehydration or even the most common one which is heat stroke. The hotter the place in your working environment the more stress that you get. Especially if you are working to a place without hvac Concord NC. Let’s tackle more about the things that you can do to avoid having heat stroke while enjoying that natural way of making yourself cool and wonderful.

1. Avoid drinking hot drinks as it adds the level of hotness that you feel. It would you feel even bad and thirsty at the same time. The same time with those drinks that contains too much level of sugar as it can make you even feel thirsty and want to drink more of it.

2. Drinking water should not only about drinking it when you feel that you want to drink or you think that you are thirsty and you want to keep yourself feel good by relieving it with a glass of cold water. You can buy a bottle where you can put some water there and bring this one with you every time. In this way, it will make you feel even better and hydrated at the same time.

3. Take in some food that will not feel you uncomfortable. Choose the one that will help you and have the cooling effect when you digest it in your system. You can buy some fresh vegetables and make it into a salad or you can purchase different kinds of fruits and make it into a fruit salad.

4. Of course, you need to make sure that you won’t stay longer under the heat of the sun. It can make your skin burn and the possibility of acquiring skin disease like skin cancer. If you are planning to go jogging but the sun shines very bright at 8 am already. Then, wait for the afternoon until the sun won’t be that very hot when it touches your skin. If you like to do this in the morning. Then, choose earlier time that the sun is not that very hot.

5. Before going out of the house, apply some amount of sun block to your skin. It keeps your skin safe from harmful rays of the sun. The higher the SPF the better.

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