How to Install a Fence Post

When you are planning to install a new fence all by yourself or with the help of a professional chain link fence repair Honolulu, several decisions are left up to you. As a matter of fact, this is perfect if you know exactly what to do. However, if you do not, it goes the other way around. One of the most vital decisions to make in a fence installation is how to set the fence into the ground. Without any secure posts, your fence will not stand a chance against outside elements and factors.

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Choosing the Most Durable Posts for Your DIY Fencing Project

No matter what kind of DIY fence you build, you do not want any weak posts. Gravity as well as wind will definitely take hold of them, then they will begin tipping over. Some kinds of fences have a larger risk of tipping and need extra care in installation of the fencing posts. In addition to that, a full privacy fence is the most likely to receive damage from the wind since they’re solid.

With no other way for the wind to pass through, the panels basically act as wind sails – they are held down by only 2 posts every 8 feet or more. The more area your privacy fence has, the more difficult it will be for the posts to hold it up on the ground. A split rail fence, on the other hand, has a much more convenient time in the wind due to the sparse rails.

Furthermore, fence post should also be buried deep enough in the ground. If you are doing a panel fence installation project, you might want to take into consideration supporting your fence with some thicker and more solid posts. When talking about panels, more area is bad however, with your posts, you need more surface area. Skinny fence posts – especially the ones which support the solid panel privacy fences – can’t easily bear the raging winds or some other harsh elements. When you dig post holes, you have to make sure that they are 3 times the width of the post.

How to Properly Install a Fence Post? Should You Use Concrete or Gravel?

Once you have chosen your fence post, you should know the steps on how to install and make them stay put. Opinions differ and methods vary in some ways. Some of the fence posts are made of concrete while others are made of gravel, and you actually need to choose what method you will use for your fence. Concrete is a much stronger and more durable material compared to gravel, thus, there are advantages and disadvantages of both. Aside from that, a fence with a larger amount of surface area like solid panel fences need stronger post.

Fence Post Installation in Crushed Gravel

Even though they are built as securely as possible, your fence posts above the ground are at great risk of moisture or water damage because the rainfall wets the ground as well as seeps underneath. The primary advantage of a crushed gravel is, it drains the moisture away from your fence posts.

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