Should You Leave Tree Stumps Alone?

After getting a tree removed, you’ll be left with nothing but a tree stump in its place. Some homeowners would leave that tree stump alone. Others will request for stump removal services right after. If you’re in the fence as to what choice to make, read on. This article might just enlighten you about tree stumps and why you shouldn’t just leave them on the ground.  

It’s true that having that stump removed means you’ll have to pay yet again for the service. Unfortunately, tree stump removal is not included in the tree removal quote. This is because an entirely different equipment is needed for this job.  

Why You Should Remove Tree Stumps  

No matter what you think the advantages of leaving tree stumps alone, its disadvantages will always trump it over. Tree stumps are unsightly and you can’t deny that fact. It’s not at all appealing protruding on the ground like that. That’s the first disadvantage that you have to note. If you need more reason, here they are: 

  1. Stumps are hazards. 

Having something protruding on the ground is conducive to slip and fall. Imagine children playing the ground, not realizing that there’s a stump yonder. They’ll most probably trip over it, and you never know what may happen next. Stumps are also annoyances when mowing the lawn. 

  1. Stumps are the favorite breeding ground of pests. 

The least you want to do is to invite pests over to your home, much less give them a place where they can stay. There are a lot of pests that could use that stump on your lawn as their habitat, which means you might have beetles, ants, and termites living under that stump. Yikes!  

  1. Stumps take up space. 

It’s impossible and weird to plan your new landscaping around that stump. No matter what good plan you’ll come up, that stump will get in the way and it will ruin the manicured look of your lawn. It’s best that you have the stump removed before making any plans so you don’t have to worry about it being an obstacle and all.  

How to Get Tree Stumps Removed  

It should be easy and not that expensive to get a tree stump removed. Of course, it’s still an added expense after getting a huge tree taken down and paying thousands of dollars for it. But there’s no rush in getting the job done right away.  

You should be good with leaving the tree stump for a week or two, up until you get enough budget for it. Just don’t leave the stump for too long, like months on end, as that’s when the nightmares with all the pests start to come.  

There are reputable companies that you can hire to get this job done right. Simply hire the experts in tree service of Lafayette so, you can get tree stumps out of the way and start a new with your garden. After you’ve had the tree removed, there’s no reason for you to have a remembrance of it. Remove tree stumps as soon as you can.  


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