Things to Know About PRP Therapy

A lot of people have heard about PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) therapy. However, you might not really know much about this. What is it? What are its uses? 

PRP therapy is commonly used for treating arthritis, orthopedic damages, and a lot of other illnesses. PRP basically encourages new cell growth in the body of the patient wherever it’s injected. PRP helps our body heal without the use of foreign substances or chemicals of any sort.  

PRP therapy Dallas TX is used for 2 main purposes. First is hair restoration. It is an effective treatment for restoring hair with outcomes that look extremely natural. The second purpose is skin/facial rejuvenation. Today, PRP is used to treat and improve the appearance of circles under the eyes, scars, and wrinkles.  

What is PRP Therapy? 

A lot of people are wondering what PRP therapy is. However, the most common question they have is what Platelet-Rich Plasma really is.  

Our blood contains a nutrient-component that’s accountable for fixing tissue. This is called platelets. These platelets discharge rejuvenating and reparative hormones in the area whenever directly applied to soft tissues.  

To generate PRP, the own blood of the patient is acquired and then separated into platelet-poor and platelet-rich materials. A test tube and centrifuge is used to complete the separation. Then, the platelet-rich plasma is used to treat many conditions of a patient.  

Hair Restoration and PRP 

PRP is being used more and more all throughout the country to stimulate dormant hair follicles and rejuvenate thinning hair. A PRP therapy can help awaken hair follicles to grow hair. It works as an assistant to replacement of hair and thickens hair instead of growing it from a bald area. This can be extremely effective along the scalp and the eyebrows.  

Dark Circles and PRP 

There are a lot of causes of dark circles under our eyes. However, PRP is injected under the skin around the eyes for people with a more pigment-related cause. The plasma promotes the skin over time and causes it to go into a recovering phase. In addition to that, the plasma also cleans skin pigments that generate the circles and develops healthy skin to help get rid of dark circles. Typically, one treatment is enough for this purpose.  

Facial Rejuvenation and PRP 

The PRP is injected in the area to replenish the face. This process will promote the skin to go into a regenerative phase. After that, the skin entices vascularity, deposits elastin and collagen, and takes on a more youthful glow. To treat volume, fine lines, and texture, PRP helps plump your skin. After the treatments, women who have had PRP therapy find their faces look more beautiful after several months. The reason for this is that plasma encourages the stem cells of the skin to generate more collagen, develop new cells, and rejuvenate the skin literally. The new growth of the cell in the skin is produced by the PRP. It usually takes weeks up to months. That is why people will look a lot better as time passes by.  

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